Sidesmen and Readers For September

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9am Holy Communion

10:30am Morning Prayer

6:30pm Evening Prayer

Trinity 14

Barbara Langdale
Barbara Winnington

Ruth Whitaker/Eric Yarrow
Lesson 1 - Nick Shanagher
Lesson 2 - Kathie Anderson

Rhona Ash
Ian Fraser
Lesson 1 - Isobel Brooker
Lesson 2 -Jenny Wingrove


9am Holy Communion

10.30am Sung Eucharist

6.30pm Evening Prayer

Trinity 15

Val Morgan

Vivian Rex

Epistle - Robin Howles

Judith Howles
Ian Fraser
Lesson 1 - John Hasler
Lesson 2 - Sylvia Seymour


9am Holy Communion

10.30am Peppard Praise

6.30pm No service

Trinity 16

Ruth Whitaker/Robert Bell

Eric Yarrow/Adrienne Heriot


9am Holy Communion

10.30am Family Communion

6.30pm Evening Prayer

Harvest Thanksgiving - Trinity 17

Nigel Downing/David Anderson

Junior Choir

Pat Fraser
Ian Fraser
Lesson 1 - Elizabeth Atkinson
Lesson 2 - John Pumfrey


6.30pm Evening Prayer

Trinity 18

Pat Fraser
Adrienne Heriot
Lesson 1 - Ian Heriot
Lesson 2 - Adrienne Heriot

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