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A Brief History of All Saints'

Rotherfield Peppard, the village in which All Saints' Church is located, is mentioned in the Doomsday Book. The Pypard family owned the manor from 1166 to 1316 and it was during these times that the church was first constructed. Parts of the early church still exist.

Little is known of the means by which the church fabric changed between the 14th and the 19th centuries. However, during the 15th century the right to present to the church benefice passed to Jesus College, Oxford. At around the time of the Reformation inventories were made of all parish church goods and there is a record of the Peppard churchwardens' inventories dating from 1552. Such documentary evidence as exists deals with repair work carried out at various times particularly in the 18th century and often at the direction of the Oxford diocesan authorities.

A thorough restoration of the church was commenced in the 1870s to the design of the architect, W.Scott Champion. This resulted in much of the ancient church being completely re-built. By 1908 the current porch was added, and in the same year, the bell tower (which contains three bells, one of which dates from the 14th century) was replaced. The following year a new vestry was added. This in turn was replaced in 1981/2 by the current parish room. A separate rector's vestry had been added in 1965.

The present day church has been enriched by many features, often gifts in memory of those who have worshipped at All Saints'. Many of these details are found in the guided tour. So please now take a few minutes of your time on a tour of the church and see for yourself why All Saints' is such a beautiful place in which to worship.

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